by Cecile

2-8-2 Takamatsu  Kagawa  Taga  760-0063   JAPAN
+81 (0) 120-55-2222

Cupop, from Cecile, offers teen fashion and accessories. Clothing for teen girls includes tops and bottoms, short and long sleeve t-shirts and long t-shirts, knit sweaters, jackets, shorts, school uniforms, swimwear, underwear and sleepwear. Stylish teen fashion accessories such as handbags, shoes and sandals with brands such as Fila, Fiorucci, and Converse. Prices in . Catalogue in Japanese language. Digital catalogue available.

Deux Endior
ドゥ アンディオール
7F 2-15-14. Chou-ku  Ginza  Tokyo  104-0061   JAPAN
+81 (0) 355-24-7211

Deux Endior's wedding dresses include traditional bridal gowns and Japanese furisode dresses. Italian designer wedding gowns as well as colorful Japanese Hikifurisode wedding kimono dresses. High-quality women's bridal apparel and wedding accessories in several Western and traditional Japanese styles. Prices in . Catalogue in Japanese language. Catalogue requests only available for Japanese addresses.   [翻訳する]

Molecular Technologies

2025-5 Tabaru  Mashiki-machi  Kumamoto, 861-2202   JAPAN
+81 (0) 96-286-1515

Dojindo Molecular Technologies specializes in products used in research laboratories such as chemicals and kits for labeling, assays, DNA analysis, and cell counting. Chemicals, analytical reagents, chromogenic, fllurorgenic and chemiluminogenic dyes, organic materials for electronics, intermediates of drugs, bioactive materials. Catalog requests for Japanese addresses only. International orders should contact Dojindo distributors.

Keiryu  渓流カタログ

4-1-7 Gonose-cho  Nishiwaki-shi  Hyogo-Ken  677-0014   JAPAN
+81 (0) 795-22-5895

Gamakatsu, the leading fish hook manufacturer in Japan, specializes in performance fishing hooks for all purpose fishing, fresh water and salt water fishing plus fishing gear and apparel. The Gamakatsu Keiryu selection offers fishing hooks, fishing tackle, gear and equipment for fly fishing such as fly rods, fishing line, clothing and accessories. Prices in . Catalogue in Japanese language. Digital catalogue can be viewed online.

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